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Peace Lily Care simplified

This is the plant we’ve had in our home the longest. 

In 2013, I bought this Peace Lily for Andy’s and my first apartment; just the two of us. It was an older craftsman style apartment building in the heart of North Berkeley, only a block away from the best produce market on the planet.  

The space was small, quarters were tight but it was cozy with ample natural light in the living room.  I remember our evenings, binge watching The Wire, which we’d pickup at our local, retro-vibed DVD rental shop, along with a Zachary’s deep dish pizza. We’d eat chocolate and drink wine late into the night. With heavy eyelids and enthusiasm, we’d always say, “Okay, one more episode,” never really wanting the evening to end. We were newlyweds, snug at home with our awesome pup, Syd— our biggest worry being that we needed to buy a pair of new pants soon-ish. 

A family lived above us with their 5 year old son. Every morning he’d grace us with the loudest *THUD* above our bed that often left me wondering if he could ever break through and would we ever wake up to his legs dangling through a hole in the ceiling.

After 2.5 years there, we’d move our lives to Portland, Oregon in search of something different. Andy drove the 15-foot Penske truck with all of our belongings, and I cruised in our Prius with Syd and the houseplants.  

We’d eventually welcome our first child into the world and decide to move back to the Bay Area to settle in our current slice of heaven by the Carquinez Strait;  we’ve been here the last 4 years.  This is the longest I have lived in one place since I was 20…

But back to plants... I’m going to be honest with you; I don’t really like that Peace Lilies anymore. I would never buy one again, nor would I recommend them or sell them in my shop. I find most of them to be finicky and high maintenance; and who needs more of that when you’re raising small humans. But… I do love *this* one. 

I think it’s pretty neat that a plant has been with us through so much— marriage, births, loss, moving across state lines, our first home together, a pandemic, and all the good times in between.  


Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum) Care, simplified

This plant will be happiest in bright, indirect light, but will grow in low light situations, it might just not flower (no judgement, that’s how mine is).  

It loves a big hardy drink all at once and to have its soil kept slightly moist. It will let you know it’s unhappy when it goes limp like a child not wanting to get in their carseat, but not as volatile. 

You can mist it in between waterings for extra bonding time.  Use a humidifier or place its pot on top of some pebbles and water in a larger saucer to give it the spa experience it craves. 

Please note: As a parent of young children, I typically place any large plants that are on any elevated surface in our home in plastic pots for safety reasons.  I think this plant would be happier in ceramic or terracotta, as they will drain more efficiently; Peace Lilies are prone to root rot– surprise! 

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