Thanks Mom!

Thanks Mom!

When I was little my mom would take me on her trips to the local nursery to pick out annuals for her garden.  And every trip she would let me pick out a cactus or a succulent to bring home, pot, and keep in my room. Inevitably I would kill every plant that entered my bedroom, not because of a lack of attention but because of overwatering and not enough natural light; I didn’t know any better.  Eventually I did learn how to properly care for my plants because of these failed attempts.  

When it came time for my mother to plant her annuals, she would encourage me to participate, even though from time to time I would accidentally rip the flower from the root in my attempt of pulling the entire plant out of the black, six-pack plastic containers.  Between my mom’s patience and my love for getting my hands dirty, a seed was planted in me that has blossomed into this enormous love for plants, gardens and the outdoors. I only realized in my adult years how much of a role houseplants and gardening play in my wellbeing.  

Happy Mother’s Day to my incredible mama. There are no words to describe how much I love this woman.  When I am feeling impatient with my own brood, I remember her composure and her warmth with me in the garden and I do my damndest to channel that energy.

And also, how do I get my hands on that outfit…  

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